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yoga teachers…

Elevate your teaching without taking another weekend- and wallet-depleting program.

If you want to bridge the gaps between YTT and real-world teaching, continue your commitment to growth, and be a part of a thriving community without breaking the bank, then you’ll love Elev8 Academy.

Does this sound Familiar?

What if there was a better way?

After working with yoga teachers for more than 20 years, I understand the unique challenges faced at various stages of your journey, especially in the beginning.

And at each stage, you desire. . .

If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

But before we dive into the details of Elev8 Academy, let’s talk about…

you’re not alone

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The 8 pillars of Teaching Yoga

The most exceptional (authentic, impactful, long-term) yoga teachers continually pursue excellence through 8 distinctive avenues.


mentoring & coaching

Personalized support and coaching to address challenges so that you can navigate your unique teaching journey.



Connect and collaborate with other yoga teachers to find inspiration, motivation, and potential opportunities.


teaching excellence

Elevated technical proficiency, knowledge, and expertise to deliver engaging experiences to your students.


techniques mastery

Fine-tune your personal practice while mastering skills to expertly guide others in the transformative elements of yoga.



Modify and adapt practices that make yoga accessible to different body types, abilities, needs, and limitations.


holistic living

Practice a holistic and mindful approach to life, guided by the philosophy, principles, and practices of yoga that transcend the mat.



roots of yoga

Study the foundations and ethical principles of yoga through classical texts and enrich your understanding of history and philosophy.


business booster

Support, strategies, and real-world examples as you navigate the transition from aspiring to professional yoga teacher.

Now instead of piecing random internet sources together, you can elevate your teaching in one place!


Elev8 Academy

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A super-affordable, continuing education and professional development membership for yoga teachers.

(Honestly, it’s the resource I wish had existed throughout my career!)

What's included in Elev8 Academy?

on-demand training

Elevate your teaching 24/7 with no fluff, easy to consume lessons.
Your all-access pass to my courses, workshops, and programs are categorized by pillar.

monthly mastery modules

Get into action each month with a new lesson, monthly challenge, and live session. 
The live session may be Q&A, hot seat coaching, sangha, a workshop, or guest appearance.

mentoring & coaching

Tap into 24 years of yoga experience with someone who gets it. Receive mentoring and coaching
support via email, the dedicated Facebook group, and live monthly calls.


Engage in meaningful discussions, post questions, and share experiences via a private, dedicated Facebook group.

additional resources

Access to templates, worksheets, class plans, sequences, scripts, journals, video classes and audio meditations.

earn CEUs

Many of the courses included in Elev8 Academy earn CEUs.
Use these for Yoga Alliance and other credentialing requirements.

Here are just some of the classes, courses, and resources included in Elev8 Academy Membership (worth over $3000)

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Elev8 Academy is for you if…

Success Stories From

past students


terry g.

“I love the monthly themes!! They have made planning my classes a lot smoother!!”


ros g.

“Thanks to Shannon I’m now a confident teacher and enjoy planning classes.”



“As a new teacher, I’m always looking for new ideas, new ways to put classes together and your materials are great.”

Joining Elev8 Academy is easy!

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✨ Exclusive Access to a treasure trove of resources, courses, and workshops led by an industry expert (me!).
✨ Peer community through shared experiences, exchanging of ideas, and continuous support.
✨ New monthly Mastery Modules, challenges, and live sessions starting February 2024!
✨ Earn CEUs as you complete certain modules, showcasing your commitment to professional development.

Option 1

$ 37 Quarterly
  • save $8/quarter
  • all-access pass
  • new monthly content
  • Peer community
  • earn y.a. ceus

Option 2

$ 127 Annually
  • save $30/annual
  • all-access pass
  • new monthly content
  • peer community
  • earn y.a. ceus

The FAQs

Elev8 Academy includes access to ALL the workshops, courses, programs, and products I’ve created over the years. PLUS each month a new mastery module, challenge, and live session. PLUS a private Facebook community. AND coaching and mentoring via email or community group.

Not all YTTs are created equally. Joining Elev8 Academy will provide you with a different perspective because all lineages are different. Plus, you’ll have direct access to a teacher-trainer with more than 24 years experience.

Yes! You’ll get instant access to courses to help you teach different styles of yoga that include class plans. The included Sequence and Script Library will give you fresh ideas and new material and help prevent burn out!

There are no guarantees the price will remain the same. As the membership grows, the price will reflect that. Plus why put off connecting with other like-minded yoga teachers and a mentor at your (almost) beck and call?

All the Teach Yoga Now courses are eligible to earn CEUs. Each course comes with instructions for obtaining a certificate of completion displaying CEUs.

Some of the Teach Yoga Now courses and provided templates come with instructions for making them your own.

You will need to join Canva (there’s a free version) to access the templates. You can update them with your own colors, logos, and photos. You must create your own title for the courses, journals, and other templates.

Due to the nature of digital products, there are no refunds available. You are able to cancel at anytime on any of the subscription plans through your account or by getting in contact with us.

why listen to me?

I don’t bend and flex like others. I am vertically challenged and have T-Rex arms. I wear size 8-10 off-brand yoga pants and speak Sanskrit with a Texas accent.

But that hasn’t stopped me from teaching yoga and training teachers for the last 20+ years.

Before I accumulated 15,000 hours of experience, I was a corporate trainer.

Maybe it’s the writer in me…or my previous life as a corporate trainer…but I love breaking down info into easy-to-digest chunks, and I know how to arrange it so it all makes sense.

For me, teaching yoga is about creating an inclusive space that allows individuals to experience a whole life transformation. And I want to make that a reality for you, too!

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