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Cozy Yoga Life

The podcast for yoga teachers who crave more from their practice and lives. Cozy up as we embark on a journey of warmth, wisdom, and self-discovery.

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga teacher or just stepping onto the path, Cozy Yoga Life is your sanctuary for exploring the intersection of yoga and real-life challenges.

Tune in, unwind, and let Cozy Yoga Life satisfy your craving for more—more authenticity, more simplicity, and more richness through honest conversations that transcend the mat.

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Episode 02

What is a yogic lifestyle

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Hey, I’m Shannon

For a while, I’ve yearned for a dedicated space to talk about the intricacies of yoga and how it seamlessly integrates into every facet of life. The Cozy Yoga Life podcast provides the perfect vehicle to share my passion and wisdom for living a yogic life.

With more than 24 years experience, as a practitioner, seasoned teacher, and mentor to yoga instructors, I bring a wealth of knowledge and genuine love for the transformative power of yoga.

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