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It's not a crazy idea...

It doesn’t matter:

  • If you can or can’t do Adho Mukha Vrksasana
  • If you don’t even know what posture that is
  • What you look like, your size, or age
  • What kind of fancy pants you wear
  • If you’re fluent in Sanskrit or Spanish

Whether you’re thinking about teaching yoga, writing a book, or learning a new language so you can travel the world, you can let the nagging doubts stop you, or you can take a leap of faith like I did.

meet shannon

the shannon caldwell

welcome, your journey to simplicity, self-care, and self-discovery begins here!

I discovered yoga in 1998 and fell in love with it. I wanted to teach, but I couldn’t do all the postures. I didn’t bend and flex like others and looked nothing like my yoga teacher or any of the other rock star instructors I’d met.

There were no yoga schools so I had to ask my teacher (someone I greatly admired) to mentor me. She probably wondered what I could bring to the table as a teacher, but I surprised us both.

That 5 minutes of telling my self-doubts to shove it led me to a life I could never have dreamed of. . .and I had plenty of people along the way telling me I was crazy.

Four years later, I took my love of yoga, combined it with my previous experience as a corporate trainer, and launched Purple Lotus Yoga.

Twenty years later, I’m still doing what I love, showing yoga teachers of all shapes and ages how to embrace their unique traits so they can do what they love, too.

Once again, I find myself at the edge, nervously excited to take another leap of faith, as I shift to new ways of supporting and uplifting yoga teachers.

Two of my favorite parts of yoga teacher training have always been the authentic conversations and guiding instructors on their journey towards teaching excellence, self-discovery, and holistic well-being.

Through the avenue of books, the Cozy Yoga Life podcast, and the Elev8 Academy, I get to do more of both while continuing my mission to empower yoga teachers.

Get to Know Me

1. The Title of My Autobiography Would Be:

the iced-tea yogi

2. my morning routine consists of:

wake up, drink water, walk the dogs, and workout

3. my favorite way to unwind after a hectic day:

long, hot shower

4. When I’m Not Working, You can Find Me:

reading romance or working on my next book

5. my favorite quote:

if you get tired, learn to rest,
not quit

6. tv shows I’m most likely to binge:

police procedurals like csi and criminal minds

7. what i love most about what i do:

when people tell me how yoga changed their lives

8. My happy place:

enjoying a massage

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