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3 Ways to Increase Your Online Visibility

In this blog, I provide three ways to increase your online visibility without having to do Youtube yoga marathons.

Before I dive into this topic, I want to be completely transparent and let you know that gaining visibility and marketing are probably my weakest skills as a business owner and a yoga teacher.

The information that I’m sharing is what I’ve learned so far. There are some really great people out there who are whizzes at marketing and gaining visibility.

3 Ways to increase Online Visibility Transcript

In this session, I’m going to cover three parts to increase your online visibility.

Part one tackles the online portion. If you’re going to go online that means you’re going to be recording. Being on camera for many individuals can be really uncomfortable. I totally understand that. It was the same for me as well when I started making videos.

Approach being on camera like you would when you first started teaching.

Remember, you were uncomfortable teaching and you didn’t feel confident. You weren’t sure what you were going to do or who you’d be teaching. Being on camera is the same. You’re going to have to get on there, get comfortable, make the mistakes, and figure out what works the best for you.

best equipment for teaching yoga online

Usually the follow-up question that I get to being online is about equipment. Like a lot of the different marketing people that I’ve followed, their number one advice is to start simple and then grow as you go.

If you have a smartphone that has a camera then you have what you need to start making videos and sharing those with your online audience. As you get more comfortable and start making more money then you can upgrade your equipment as you need.

If you’d like more information on specific equipment I use to record and edit video, check out this post: My Top Ten Tech Tools for Teaching Yoga Online.

Use YouTube to Get Found online

The second part of the question that I want to address is about YouTube. I wasn’t certain if the member didn’t want to do YouTube in general or didn’t want to do the whole two hours or two yoga classes a day, so I’m going to address both.

If you’re not on YouTube, I highly recommend to rethink that strategy. YouTube is a part of Google, so when people go on to Google and they do searches, if you’ve got YouTube videos, you have a better chance of showing up in that search because YouTube is a search engine.

Not only can you go on Google but you can also go on YouTube and put in your search parameters. If you’ve done a good job with SEO you have a really good chance of popping up in the search. YouTube is really great for that.

I’ve had a YouTube channel for a while, but I’m only now starting to get more consistent about posting and publishing videos. When I do blogs on my website I try to always make sure now there’s a video connected to that blog post.

Create a Schedule that Works for You

Do you have to do two yoga videos a day? I don’t know who’s doing that, more power to them if they are. For me personally that is not sustainable. You tell me two hours of yoga videos a day and I’m already overwhelmed before I’ve even started.

You’re going to need to create a sustainable schedule for you. Publishing and posting once a month works for me. Anything more than that, and like I said, I get overwhelmed.

But what if you’re just starting out and you don’t have any videos? Maybe you want to commit to doing as many videos as you can until you have a library built up, and then you can go to a more consistent level.

The average for posting is once a week, releasing one new video per week. That’s if you’re trying to grow your audience and create consistency is once a week. I have not gotten there yet, but hope I can get to over time.

You have to Put Yourself Out there

The third way to increase visibility online is to get more comfortable with putting yourself out there [from a marketing perspective]. I struggle with this, not being afraid to let people know who I am, what I do, and who I serve.

It’s pretty typical, I think, as both women and yoga teachers to feel shy or timid about putting ourselves out there. About marketing ourselves and telling people, “This is what I have available for you. Come check me out on YouTube. Go look at my website. Find me wherever I might be online.”

We have to get better about letting people know. People are bombarded with information from all sides and if you tell a person only one time what you do, you are going to be swallowed up in the void. They’re going to forget and move on to the next person working hard to get their attention.

Not only do we have to get comfortable being in front of the camera, but we have to get comfortable with marketing ourselves and putting ourselves out there, letting people know.

For example: I work with yoga teachers who want to stand out, who don’t fit the stereotype of a yoga teacher. I help them through yoga teacher training, continuing education courses, and now books and planners.

You have to get comfortable saying that and you have to get comfortable saying it again and again and again. This is not the place to be shy. You’ve got information to help people, so share that with them.

3 Ways to Increase Visibility Online Recap

To recap our three ways to increase visibility online:

One, you have to get comfortable being on camera.

Number two, you have to get where the people are and billions of users are on YouTube. It’s an amazing search engine. Even if you start slow, be consistent and stay with a schedule that you can maintain.

Finally, three, we have to get over being shy about putting ourselves out there: doing newsletters, posting on social media, sharing what we do in Facebook groups, if that’s allowed.

All of the different ways that you can think about marketing yourself, to stand in that space and say, “This is who I am, this is what I do, and this is who I serve.”

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