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Give Yourself Permission Guided Meditation

In this blog, we’ll dive into a tranquil 5-minute guided meditation to help you quickly relax and to remember to give yourself permission, that you hold the power and choice. When you’re ready, let’s escape to a place of relaxation and well-deserved permission.

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Give Yourself Permission Guided Meditation Transcript

Find a comfortable position. You can be seated. You can be reclined. Whatever feels comfortable for you.

Once you get into that comfortable position, I want you to focus on your breathing. Because truly, when you change your breath, and you change the way you breathe, you change your life.

You’re going to start by taking a deep inhale through your nose, and gently releasing through your mouth. Inhaling through your nose, and exhaling through your mouth.

Keep that breath flowing gently in and out. In, and out. Just with a simple process of deepening your breath, focusing on it, brings you into the present moment, deep breath in, deep breath out.

move into relaxation

When you’re firmly rooted in the present moment, you can then begin to loosen up your muscles. Let that tension begin to slide off like hot butter in a pan. As you breathe in and exhale out, see if you can drop your shoulders down away from your ears. Just let them hang down. Feel that stretch along the sides of your neck.

Deep breath in. Deep breath out. Deep breath in and feel how much your ribs expand with the breath. And as you exhale, feel another degree of relaxation move into your body. Breathe in, expand, breathe out. Relax. Again, breathe in, feel the expansion, exhale, relax.

Now that you’re beginning to relax from the top of your head down through your neck, into your shoulders, your upper back, your mid back, and your low back, now let your mind focus in on some positive affirmations.

give yourself permission

Give yourself permission to not do everything.

Give yourself permission to turn down invitations.

Give yourself permission to relax when you need that extra moment or two.

Give yourself permission to go to your closet, or a bathroom or someplace, some room that has a door that locks and allowing yourself that private, quiet time by yourself to where you can practice these deep breaths. Where you can practice releasing the tension in your body, in your muscles.

Then only then when you’re relaxed and focused again, do you return. Do you present yourself again.

And only when you’re ready, reemerge from that quiet time. Remember this is about permission, taking care of yourself, seeing to your needs before the panic attack, before the stress and tension overwhelm you.

Finish with more relaxation

We’re going to just wrap this up with some deep breathing again.

Inhale and exhale. Deep breath, inhale. And exhale. Last time, deep breath in and exhale out.

You are welcome to stay there as long as it feels comfortable for you. Do you need an extra few moments or even a few minutes to yourself? Stay there and enjoy that quiet time.

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